Hagens Berman Jayco Cycling Team

A Legacy Based on Talent

Raw talent is only half the game. A rider's ability needs to be honed and steered down a sustainable development path. And when the opportunity to perform arises, riders should find the support and strength they need within their teams.

This is what Hagens Berman Jayco Cycling Team does best: it provides the perfect environment for young riders and allows them to build upon their raw talent. The team takes rider development very, very seriously – and its success speaks volumes.

14 years. 100 riders. 41 WorldTour contracts – a legacy built on success

Founded in 2009 by Axel Merckx – Eddy Merckx's son – the Hagens Berman Jayco Cycling Team has arguably become the top development team in the world. With more than 41 WorldTour contracts to its credit, the list of the team's alumni is impressive. Names such as Eddy Dunbar, Neilson Powless, Tao Geoghegan Hart, and Joao Almeida are just a few of the riders who have progressed to the A-list level of cycling.

A Commitment to the Future

The performance system is complex, and several components are at play. One of the most critical ones? Of course, that the bikes are built to perform at the highest level.

Hagens Berman Jayco Cycling Team will be riding our lightest race bike, the Teammachine SLR 01.

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Meet the Team

Kasper Andersen

Nationality:Denmark Age:21Category:Pro

Hagens Berman Jayco added Kasper Anderson as the first signing of the 2022 season. The 2020 Junior European Road Race champion joined Hagens Berman Jayco from the Danish Continental team ColoQuick.

Evan Boyle

Nationality:USA Age:19Category:Pro

Boyle is new in Hagens Berman Jayco. Strong performances in the USA National ITT Championships (2nd U23 and 4th Elite), caught the attention of the BMC-sponsored team. Boyle is from Niskayuna, in the northeast of the USA.

Matthew Cole

Nationality:UK Age:19Category:Pro

Coming from Zappi Junior Race Team, a club team in Great Britain, Cole is given an amazing opportunity in Hagens Berman Jayco this season. The young Brit is a strong climber with a solid sprint.

Adam Holm Jørgensen

Nationality:Denmark Age:21Category:Pro

Having joined the team as a stagiaire in August 2023, Jørgensen is up for his first full season with Hagens Berman Jayco. In 2022, the Dane won a stage in the Tour de l’Avenir, while last season he finished 5th in Eschborn-Frankfurt U23.

Alastair Mackellar

Nationality:Australia Age:22Category:Pro

New to the continental team is Alastair Mackellar, the former Australian National Road Race and Individual time trial Champion. Mackellar is a Classics specialist to be with a strong punch.

Hamish Mckenzie

Nationality:Australia Age:19Category:Pro

This Australian time trial specialist already has a contract for next season. After having joined Hagens Berman Jayco last year as a stagiaire, and this season as a rider under contract, McKenzie moved us to the WorldTour, to Team Jayco AlUla.

Darren Parham

Nationality:USA Age:19Category:Pro

Coming from the USA and winning the junior national championships last season in his home country, Parham is a new asset to the team. He will be looking to gain more experience in professional races on European soil.

Maxence Place

Nationality:Belgium Age:20Category:Pro

Had Dries de Pooter not graduated to the WorldTour after the 2022 season, Hagens Berman Jayco would have had two Belgian riders on the team at the same time with the signing of Maxence Place, something that has only happened once in its history (2012 - Jasper De Buyst and Jasper Stuyven). Max joined the squad from AG2R Citroën U19 Team.

Samuele Privitera

Nationality:Italy Age:18Category:Pro

This Italian talent has been racing in his home country most of his career. Representing his new team on BMC bikes, Privitera will start traveling the world more often, gaining experience in some of the biggest races for U23 cyclists this year.

Adam Rafferty

Nationality:Republic of Ireland Age:18Category:Pro

The Irish youngster Rafferty has some proper power in the legs. In the World junior time trial Championships from last year, he finished 8th in the individual time trial. Unsurprisingly, Rafferty is the national junior ITT champion of Ireland.

Mattia Sambinello

Nationality:Italy Age:18Category:Pro

Sambinello is the youngest rider in Hagens Berman Jayco this year. Just like Privitera – who is the same age – he raced most of his events on Italian soil.

Artem Shmidt

Nationality:USA Age:20Category:Pro

The first signing of the 2023 season for the Hagens Berman Jayco Cycling Team that sparked an exciting look at the upcoming season was Artem Shmidt. Artem joined Hagens Berman Jayco from the Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team.

Goncalo Tavares

Nationality:Portugal Age:19Category:Pro

The Hagens Berman Jayco Cycling Team continued its tradition of developing young riders from Portugal and was excited to announce the addition of Gonçalo Tavares to the 2023 roster. Gonçalo joined Hagens Berman Jayco from the Bairrada Cycling Team.

Bizay Tesfu Redae

Nationality:Ethiopia Age:21Category:Pro

Coming from Ethiopia, a country where cycling is one of the biggest sports, Redae joins Hagens Berman Jayco in 2024. Redae is the national elite champion of his country.

Ben Wiggins

Nationality:UK Age:19Category:Pro

Does that name ring a bell? Wiggins is the son of Tour de France-winner Bradley and can count on fantastic DNA to break through with Hagens Berman Jayco this season.

Nino de Jong

Nationality:Netherlands Age:20Category:Pro

Nino de Jong began the transition to joining the Hagens Berman Jayco Cycling Team on August 24, 2022, when he made his stagiaire debut at Druivenkoers Overijse. Nino joined the team from JEGG-DJR Academy.