Red Bull Advanced Technologies (RBAT)

Our goal was simple yet ambitious when we approached Red Bull Advanced Technologies. We wanted to produce the fastest bikes the world had ever seen. And you know what? We made it.


Red Bull Advanced Technologies (RBAT) is the high-performance and engineering division of the Oracle Red Bull Racing F1 team.

With six drivers' Championships, five Constructors', plus 106 race victories, 256 podiums, 91 pole positions, and 92 fastest laps under their belt (and counting!), they surely know a thing or two about aerodynamics and speed. And there was no one else we wanted to embark on this journey with.

The partnership

The partnership with RBAT was not a one-time experiment but a long-term partnership. As part of our commitment to Create Speed, both companies have invested years of effort and considerable resources in realizing this dream of creating the fastest bikes on earth.

Over the past five years, what started as a standard collaboration became one of the most remarkable engineering feats we have ever achieved. During this time, we have challenged each other and pushed the limits of what is possible. And we have done so hand in hand, working together as a unit sharing expertise and intellectual knowledge: RBAT and Impec Lab, BMC's engineering department.

This unique cross-industrial partnership has enriched both departments in ways we hadn't predicted and has expanded our aerodynamic knowledge immensely. The lessons we have learned will, directly and indirectly, impact all our future bikes forever. And there is no doubt that in this quest for speed, we have created the fastest bikes the sport has ever seen.


In May 2022, we launched the Project Speed prototype at the Ironman World Championship in St George, USA, as part of our Testing the Future mantra. This was a crucial step in understanding where we were and where we wanted to head to. The Project Speed prototype went viral across the cycling and triathlon audiences. At the same time, the success of that bike transcended the sport itself, and people outside cycling still call it the "Red Bull Bike".


In September 2023, we launched Speedmachine, the fastest triathlon and time-trialing bike we have ever created. It looks fast at first sight, and it screams for speed. The aerodynamic lessons learned from RBAT gave Speedmachine fast lines and aero-optimized frame and cross sections.

Furthermore, the geometry development carried over by our team at the Impec Lab was the fundamental block to create a stable bike, a bike that can be ridden in the aero bars—in a

more aerodynamical position—for longer. Which then, in cash value, results in faster time splits.

But don't take our words and look at the facts. In its short history, Speedmachine has already set the bike course record at Ironman Hamburg on June 4th with Kristian Høgenhaug, set the fastest bike split at the PTO European Open in Ibiza in May Max Neumann (also the winner at the end), and helped Chris Leiferman to triumph in the Ironman 70.3 in Coeur d'Alene, US.

What we have achieved with RBAT is something special. And we're sure it's just the beginning.

We will be back.

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