Swiss Cycling

On top of being the world's oldest cycling association, with 17 Olympic medals won since the Sydney Games in 2000, Swiss Cycling has also become Switzerland's most successful summer Olympic sports association.

We're proud to be part of that success, providing Swiss Cycling with our fastest track bikes, the Trackmachines.

We see our partnership with Swiss Cycling as an essential part of our development process–a pivotal milestone in testing the future of our engineering.

Swiss Cycling's elite riders are the point of reference where we assess our benchmarks, and they give vital feedback to help our technologies reach new heights. We really can't wait to see what the future brings in terms of cutting-edge and high-performing tech.

Yet Swiss Cycling is so much more than only performance, as the federation is also devoted to developing the future generations of Swiss cyclists.

Through the bikecontrol project, for example, children learn to ride in safety within road traffic, and through the Swiss Cycling Academy 4 Kids they learn the ropes and improve their skills on two wheels.

These projects are among the reasons we partner with Swiss Cyclins. We care about our riders, and we care about our sports. Therefore, it's paramount for us to develop young riders in the best possible way and give them the best tools to enjoy cycling for years to come.

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Photos by Maxime Schmid and Arne Mill