No Borders Gravel Team

Gravel Racing Team

The No Borders Gravel Team inaugurates a new era for gravel racing. The team comprises six riders from six countries who share a common purpose: to showcase the endless possibilities of gravel.

We launched the team in 2022 with Velocio and SRAM as title sponsors, and our commitment will continue until the end of 2025.

No Borders is a force that delivers outstanding performances on the growing gravel-racing scene, but it also exists to test athletic boundaries on other surfaces. And, of course, to tell the stories, highlight the drama, and uncover the personalities behind the gravel curtain.

At the same time, the team's ethos extends beyond conventional racing. It represents sportsmanship and embodies true team spirit.

Using both our Kaius and URS platforms, the team is equipped to race without boundaries and break all borders. No matter the terrain.

Follow the team's journey on Instagram and the riders through their channels.

Meet the Riders

Henning Bommel

Nationality:Germany Age:41Category:Gravel Elite

Starting to race when he was 11 years old, Henning went from road racing on WorldTour level to World Championship medals on the track, to participate in the Rio Olympics. After having travelled hundreds of countries, he discovered that gravel combines everything he loves about riding. He is based in the heart of Berlin where he runs his own cycling coffee shop.

Lisa Wörner

Nationality:Netherlands Age:34Category:Gravel Elite

Originally from Amsterdam and with German roots, she had a first career as a rower in the Dutch National and Olympic team, before moving to the US to pursue her degree as Orthopedic surgeon and racing for the all-female team Velocio Exploro. Following a 7th place at Unbound in 2021, she returned to Amsterdam. She is the driving force behind the No Borders Gravel Team.

Daniel Rytz

Nationality:Sweden Age:46Category:Gravel Elite

Riding bikes for as long as he can remember, Daniel is a cycling fanatic from Sweden. Things got more serious in the early 2000s as he started competing in XC marathons, but he soon turned his attention to the road and ultimately discovering gravel. When he doesn't ride, he records Sweden's biggest cycling podcast next to his day job at one of the biggest banks in the North.

Emmie Collinge

Nationality:England / Italy Age:36Category:Gravel Elite

Former mountain runner turned gravel racer, Emmie is keen to see what she's capable of. Best when the gradient goes up.

Julian Siemons

Nationality:Belgium Age:24Category:Gravel Elite

From cyclocross kid to promising gravel racer, Julian's in his first season on gravel and getting great results.

Graciela Ferrer

Nationality:Spain Age:32Category:Gravel Elite

An all-terrain bike racer based in Madrid, Graciela is always smiling.